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Amulet City is an online store specialized in collecting and sell (rent) mostly on new releases Thai amulets, on this website we provided some of the most wonderful amulets displayed for you to choose from, and we wish you can find the suitable amulet’s that applies to your interest. We source and collect various of amulets directly from the temples, an genuine amulets help increase your spiritual and work with your energy field. Today many people are searching for a faith, something to believe in. We are excited to provide you with our services for sourcing and find it for you within our ability. Just drop us a few words and tell us concerning the amulet’s you required, your request will be get in touch within 3 working days with an appraisal including date of delivery.

All of our amulets is obtained from the Temples in Thailand and are guarantee 100% genuine. All amulet’s you ordered will be deliver with the same one as the website picture shown. This means that - What You See Is What You Get - the item come with the one according to the amulet code number that you selected. At Amulet City online store, we bring you the best holy collection with every piece of amulets charted by monks before it is released from the temples. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our website gives an accurate information of our services, we suggest that you check back from time to time with our offers, as we do update our website regularly. We take responsibility for all amulets we sell (rent) and where we source it.

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Group of devotees lining up to get their favorite amulet on the temple grounds.

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