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Photo of Phra Nakhon Khiri Royal Palace

There was a day when Somdej Toh was taking a short afternoon nap, he notice that somebody have entered his room by the corner of his eye, he realized that it was a thief. He keep unknown and pretended asleep and did not bother with the thief. When the thief is about to leave, he saw a small gift box on the wall shelf near where Somdej Toh is sleeping. He intended to get the small box from the shelf but scare it may wake up Somdej Toh. The thief try hard to achieve the small box, but he failed to get it. Somdej Toh suddenly woke up to get the small box and hand it to him. The thief was confused when he see Somdej Toh gave him the small box without anger. He bravely asked Somdej Toh why he gave the small box to him, Somdej Toh told him, you are here for your neediness that why you came here, this small box belongs to me and I have to take care and look after it everyday. Now that you want it, I shall let you have it and I will be free from taking care of it. We came to this world without bringing anything with us, and we will not be taking anything with us when we leave. So why should we have to tied ourselves so much in this human world?

Somdej Toh remained so dedicated to his life as a monk and brought many inspirations and implications to the people. He devotes large amount of funds he had for building several large Buddha statues on the government property. During the year 1867, Somdej Toh intended to build a tall standing Buddha statue holding a alms bowl at Wat Inn (known as Wat Intharaviharn), when the Buddha statue is in process Somdej Toh who personally inspecting the construction of the Buddha statue, when the Buddha statue were under construction he used to slept at the site tent under the foot of the Buddha statue. On a night of June in the year 1871, when the statue was incomplete Somdej Toh pass away at the foot of the Buddha statue. Somdej Toh who originated the idea and unfortunately he is unable to see its completion. Somdej Toh left behind many precious such as the Buddha statues, temples and hundred thousands of Phra Somdej amulets. He also left behind the scripture text of Chinabanchorn Katha which is beneficial to all (is also known as The Grand Sutra Text). At the present time, more than 50 percents of devotees are able to chant this Katha.

The Biography of Somdej Toh (Toh Phromarangsi)

Somdej Toh or Archan Toh was born on 17th day of April in 1788 (B.E.2331), in a small village of Kamphaeng Phet Province of the Chakri Dynasty, known formally as Phra Buddhachan Toh Phromarangsi, he was born before his father became the King. Among devotees he is addressed as Somdej Toh or Archan Toh, he is one of the most beloved and famous Buddhist monks during Thailand's Rattanakosin period in Thailand ruled under King Rama. Somdej Toh is a venerable person in Buddhism. Somdej Toh was named "Toh" before his monk hood and then "Phromarangsi" as his ordination-name.

When Somdej Toh ordained as a novice at the age of 12. His family took him to Wat Nibbanaram - currently Wat Mahathad in Bangkok, a temple right across the road from the Grand Palace. At the age of 21, in 1807 (B.E.2350), he ordained as a monk under the Royal Patronage at Wat Praseeratanasasadaram (Wat Prakeo) in Bangkok. Later he refuge in Wat Rakang ability to further his knowledge, he studied hard at the temple on philosophy in Buddhism and various Buddhist scriptures. Well-versed in Buddhist teachings, he was also named as Maha Toh, the King monk.

When Prince Mongkut was ordained as a monk. Somdej Toh was his senior monk, the one who taught him initially in Dharma and Vinaya. Soon after Prince Mongkut was appointed to a clerical post, his father the present King passed away. The Privy Council appointed one of his brother as King Rama III in place of his father. Somdej Toh in the course of his studies in Buddhist practice. he decided to leave Bangkok and went for “Thudong” alone, deep into the jungle to the border of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for more than 2 decades. Thudong is a monk’s journey to gain knowledge to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. Prince Mongkut remained in the temple as a monk for 20 years. When King Rama III (his brother) passes away, Prince Mongkut was then offered the throne. So Prince Mongkut disrobed and was reign as King Rama IV.

Putang Kamolapay Putang Tanang Kamolapay Tanang

Ahpikaye Kaya Jaya Taywanang Piyatang Sutawa

Etipiso Pakawa Yamaracano Tavesuwano

Morenasukang Arahangsukato Namoputaya

King Rama IV (formally Prince Mongkut)

Somdej Toh was amazed with the incident, but he however stayed on and wait for the abbot to get back. After a moment, the abbot returned in a hurry and asked the novice monk is there any visitor who came to the temple. Somdej Toh was even more surprised and asked the abbot how come he knows that he will visit the temple on that day. The abbot told him of his dream and Somdej Toh immediately greet and pay respects to the abbot. When the abbot saw Somdej Toh he knew that Somdej Toh was an unusual person, with his head appeared larger than the rest of other monks, he will become a very outstanding monk and accepted him as his disciple. Somdej Toh were popular for his knowledge in both holy Dhamma and Visha (magic). The abbot taught Somdej Toh everything he knew until the last day of his life.

For people’s who would like to chant this katha, recite it one to nine times a day will be dispelled from misfortune, disaster, black magic and evil spirits and get protections, admiration appearance, respected, prosperity, good luck and prosperity in business. You should recite to pray on Thursday (Thursday is Wai Kru day). Body should be cleaned and wear clean clothing. Moreover, devotee must prepare 5 colour flowers offered before the Buddha or any other deities statue at the alter. Then light 2 candles and 3, 5 or 9 incenses. After that, pay respects to the Three Jewels or Triple Gems. Before chanting Chinabanchorn please chant the Namo Tassa katha first.

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International Superstar Jacky Chan wearing the amulet of Phra Somdej make by Luang Phor Pae of Wat Phikulthong temple.

Some Images of Phra Buddhacharn Toh / Somdej Toh previous amulet series

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