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Many Thai people believe in donation of coffin for the death is the act of making merit. It is because the coffin is meant for the unclaimed death bodies or unidentified and the one with no relative to give them a proper burial. The amount of monetary contribution is according to one's will (as you wish). It is said that the expenses amount required for burial or cremation and rituals with a piece of white cloth for the death required a total amount of 500 Baht. Donors believed by doing so they can acquired merit for themselves. This place is a benevolent and charity center.

It was set up by the Chinese peoples in 1970 (B.E. 2513) “Buddhist Era” who have passed away. He did it during his lifetime, however it have benefited to Thai people. Ruamkatanyu Foundation is open 24 hours a day. Other than the deities statues enshrined there for worship, the main task is the activity for charity donation known as the "Hall of Righteousness and Virtues" located there at Wat Hua Lampong Temple. Whatever if there are accidental occurred in Bangkok, Thailand, the first to show up at the scene was not the team from the hospital but rather they were the rescue team from the Ruamkatayu Foundation.

When death occurred at the accidental scene the rescue teams will helped, clear and clean up the site. For those who without relatives, coffin will be provided from the funds that donated by devotees. Most of the people working there were voluntary workers. You can see at Ruamkatanyu Foundation, although the devotees were mostly Thai people, but there were also sizeable number of devotees that came from Malaysia, Singapore and many other places. Thai peoples believed that making donations for coffin’s will help then to get rid of bad fortune and bring luck, good health, avoid sickness and to protect them from bad things.

Thai people like to make charity, They called it “Tamboon” means “make merit” Tamboon in Thai literately - Tam means “make” and Boon means “merit”. Tamboon in Thai’s perception is very much linked to doing all good sorts of things in religious related activities. For example, donate money to temples or monks, but most of the times donating to charities is also considered Tamboon. Also by releasing live animals (setting animals free).

When making the monetary contribution, a pink colour merit slip will be provided to you to filled up your name and signature below, together with a duplicate official receipt. Enter the passage on the right of the donation counter where the yellow wooden coffins are displayed. At the gluing area, apply glue on the back of the pink colour merit slip, make your requests and wishes by prayer before the coffins and paste it on any coffin lying there.

Pick 20 incense sticks from the incense rack to offer prayers to the deities inside the temple at the right side of the donation hall and offered 1 incense stick each at the right and left side outside the temple at the main entrance, and then offered 3 incense sticks to all the statues inside the temple. After that burn the duplicate official receipt into the incense bowl placed at the right side of the alter. If you cannot find it you may ask someone there in the temple. Then strike the 3 hanging bells 3 times each and the drum and end your prayer.

However, if you have a chance on your trip to Bangkok, and wish to make a donation to acquire merits for yourself, you can visit Ruamkatanyu Foundation located at:

Wat Hua Lamphong Temple

728 Phra Ram 4 Road, Sri Phraya

Bang Rak Area, Bangkok 10500


There is another temple on coffin donation called Por Teck Tung Foundation, but closed at 5pm.

Click here for more information. (Click for Google maps)

The Way to Process

You've reached your destination

Make your donation here, the sum is according to one’s free will, accept a set of coffin at 500 Baht

Apply glue on the back of the pink merit slip at the gluing area

Incenses stick to offer prayer to the deities

Offered 1 incense stick outside the temple at the main entrance (each left & right)

Hold the official receipt and make your prayers

Strike the hanging bells 3 times each and…

Rescue vehicles

standby for emergency

Put the burnt official receipt into the incense bowl

Continue your prayer with incense sticks to all the heavenly gods and Buddha

Light the incense sticks from the burning oil lamp

May you be blessed with good health, happiness, peace and everything your heart desires

This official receipt will also provided for you to burn inside the temple

Proceed to the donation counter for assistants

Ruamkatanyu Foundation donation hall entrance

This pink merit slip with an official receipt will be given to you to fill your name (Translation)

Make wishes and paste the pink merit slip on any coffin as a proof of contribution

Pick 20 incenses to offer prayer inside the temple

Offered 3 incense sticks to all the statues inside the temple

Burn the official receipt from the burning oil lamp

Hit the drum and end your prayer

Write your name here

Your signature here

+ more

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