Wash your hands before taking the amulets to wear and follow the following steps.

• Make your mind calm and focus your faith to the amulet’s 
• Put your amulets onto your palm and press both hands together
• Then chant the Mantra slowly as stated below in red:

The translation of the meaning is:

I pay homage to the Blessed One. The one who is free from defilements. The One Perfectly Enlightened by himself.

The chanting verse means we are now paying respect to the Lord Buddha who has done the great goodness.

Then request with your own language for his help.

I, your name, invite the Lord Buddha and Guru Monks to bless me and protect me from harm,

danger and bring me luck and fulfill me with my wishes.

One should encourage practising this: Invite the Lord Buddha, Guru Monks and his blessings to be with you before wearing your amulets. Hold your amulets in your palm in the Praying position and start reciting the following:

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa  (x 3), then recite the following

Putthang Arathananeng, Dhammang Arathananeng, Sangkang Arathananeng  (x 1)

Putthang Passitimay, Dhammang Passitimay, Sangkang Passitimay  (x 1)

The meanings of this Mantra is: May Lord Buddha, Dhamma and Sangkha or Triple Gems bless my entire request successfully. And then wear the chain of amulet’s onto your neck or put it into your handbag..

What to do before wearing the amulet?