There is no prejudice by the holy monks and master’s when they are making and consecrating the amulets.

For Khun Paen amulet, legend has it that Khun Paen is a brave and charming Thai warrior who stole the hearts of many ladies during that time.

In a long time past, masters create amulets with the image of Khun Paen on it and hope that it will imbue the wearer with courage in the battlefield which the amulets provide.

Naturally, ladies will be so impress by the heroic deeds and will flock to them. This is how it gets started.

After some time, some of the masters make and consecrate the Khun Paen amulets with the intention of making it an amulet for good metta charm. (Loving-kindness)

Can a lady wear Phra Khun Pean amulet?