Long time ago, the prohibition in visiting the Maternity Ward when wearing the amulet was came from the Chinese Taoism.

According to the Chinese Taoist culture, all spiritual incantations are restricted from entering the Maternity Ward, because the place is full of blood during labour, which considered not favorable, and for visiting the Mortuary it was believed that the

place is for the death by misfortune and the dead to the end of life to which

also considered not favorable.

For the Chinese Taoist culture one who carries the spiritual incantation might endanger with mishaps and therefore devotees would rather avoid such places.

When devotees wearing such amulets they are all with the hope of getting peace

and avoid from evil forces. If they are prohibited from going here and there, what would be the point of wearing them?

Especially in the Hospitals Maternity Ward and Mortuary where there are countless number of spirits. Devotees have high chances of afflicting with the spirits and suffer misfortune. So wearing the sacred amulet is to seek protection under such circumstances.

If the devotees maintain faithful and beliefs, the spiritual effect of the amulet will be always with them.