Over centuries, Cambodians have endured of procedures to obtain hand mystical tattoos to devotees believed to give them magical powers, but the tradition appears to be fading in this increasing in today’s modern society.

In the past magic tattoos are believed to bring good luck or popularity but are mostly used by soldiers seeking to become invisible to enemies or repel bullets.

A part of some people believed that Star Fruit is the heart of the Buddha and cannot be consumed incase of any offending to the Buddha.

This is not true, it is said that people who tattoo magical image on their body must refrain from eating Star Fruit, purple potatoes and gourds to ensure the magic

spells work. So many devotees in Thailand do not take Star Fruit because of

the tattoo on their body. This has been passed down by the great master to

avoid losing of their magical powers from consuming Star Fruit & etc.

Common peoples do not have to refrain from these fruit’s.