The question of right or wrong has to do with the origin of own belief, not the matter of it; not what it was, but how to avoid it; not whether it turned out to be true or false.

Nowadays numbers of high building owner rely on drying clothes at the high rise building are seen everywhere. Even in the luxury apartments, you’ll see the residents

hanging their laundry outdoors from their balconies to their rear windows, these has steadily decreased over the years. Almost among the Chinese people they would find the ladies underwear hanging up for drying besides the high rise building to be the most taboo.

This is an action based on the belief, incase the ladies pants or underwear’s hanging above may remained unclean staining. Which believe walking underneath the hanging clothes will affliction with the sacred amulet and will lead the amulet to lose it powers.

However, in our modern society now a day, high rise building are seen everywhere

and it may cause unintentionally that a devotee may sometimes pass by the way where the clothes are hanged and also when one were walking through the narrow alleys or in the dark night.  

Try to avoid from hanging clothes, if you unintentional walks passed with lack of care under the hanging clothes, all you needs to do is hold the amulet and apologize from your heart, apologize for having walked beneath the clothes’ If you had notice and deliberately walked under them intentionally, is a wrongful acts against

disrespectful to the holy amulet.